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The Applied Isotope Geochemistry (AIG) Working Group of the International Association of GeoChemistry (IAGC) organizes highly successful biennial conferences focused broadly on the emerging field of applied isotope geochemistry and biogeochemistry. Most recently, AIG-12 was held in Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA in September of 2017. At that time, the IAGC began hosting the AIG meeting website directly, and this and all future meetings will be archived here, along with information on the next IAGC meeting and all available AIG abstracts.



The IAGC International Conference
(including the 16th International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction & the 13th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry)

21 - 26 July, 2019 | Tomsk, Russia


Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 13th International Symposium on Applied Isotope Geochemistry (AIG-13) will take place in conjunction with the 16th International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction (WRI-16) in Tomsk, Russia, from 21-26 July 2019.

The International Association of Geochemistry (IAGC) is the umbrella organization for the combined meeting, and the IAGC is planning to host joint meetings from now on.  The joint meetings will have the advantage of allowing greater interaction among IAGC scientists, and will streamline travel expenses for those of us who attend more than one of the working group meetings.  Sessions devoted to isotope geochemistry will run in parallel to the WRI sessions.

Registration for the meeting will go through the WRI-16 website, as will the submission of abstracts.  We are planning to assemble one joint proceedings volume.

We look forward to seeing you in Tomsk for this ground-breaking joint meeting!

Rich Wanty
Romain Millot





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